Offbeat Destinations For Student Programmes

For a few years now, student programmes have been a large part of the academic experience, and the academic world as a whole. Employers and universities readily acknowledge the advantages of time spent studying abroad alike, and opportunities offered by institutions worldwide usually have a high rate of demand.

As far as destinations go, the passing of time has determined a few locations as ‘the’ places to go when undertaking a period of study abroad. Few youngsters in a position to travel are likely to be surprised by mentions of London or Paris as desirable destinations, both from a sightseeing point of view and for their future careers. What most will likely not know or take into account, however, is the fact that apart from these well-known and well-respected destinations, there are a number of more offbeat locations that might be just as appealing.

Take Australia, for example. While many professionals head out from Britain to look for jobs down under, the amount of young people doing student programmes there is not all that high. And yet, apart from stunning scenery and a temperate climate, Australia offers a high standard of education, good salaries and plenty of benefits for young professionals from abroad.

China is another location that many young people outside of the business field might not consider when trying to settle on destinations for student programmes, but which offers its own unique set of charms – not the least of which is the surprisingly affordable cost of living. A unique, fascinating culture and internationally recognised courses and schools are other arguments towards pursuing the opportunity to spend some time studying in the most densely populated country in the world.

Within Europe, places such as the Netherlands, Switzerland or Turkey – not always at the forefront of anyone’s mind when compiling a list of locations for student programmes – can offer distinct advantages and a pleasurable experience. Turkey will fascinate history buffs and draw in lovers of good food with savoury local delicacies such as the famous kebab, while Holland and Switzerland will attract on the basis of offering a high number of courses lectured in English, as much as for their scenic beauty and laid-back people.

Young people preparing to embark on an adventure should not, therefore, limit themselves to the basic European capitals as destinations for their trip. There is a wealth of options available, and a little digging is sure to bring a treasure to the surface.